​Temping is not just a ‘quick fix’ to find work. The importance of a temporary assignment is always stressed to our hard working candidates so they can understand the needs of the client and the benefits to them as a candidate.

Our valued clients come to us trusting that we will find them the best possible candidates to fill their contract positions within a very short time period, sometimes within a couple of hours.

They aren’t just asking us to throw someone who looks relatively good on paper to them for a few weeks in order to fill an empty seat; they want us to be able to recognise who will be the most committed, driven, hardworking and reliable candidate who has the relevant experience to be able to deliver and exceed expectations. Now you might be thinking, how can you determine that and have the job filled within an hour….? Well... we can distinguish the great from the good right from our very first meeting with our candidates, and throughout the working relationship. So here are our top ten tips for candidates looking to impress us and our clients, during interviews and throughout working life.

  1. Competency

Whatever your occupation, you should ALWAYS have your targets and how you achieved them at the ready. If you are a sales person, have your revenue targets embedded in your mind and back them up with an explanation. Use the STAR template, Situation, Task, Action, Result to show off your abilities. Whether it be how organised, creative, driven, or how much of a team player you are, this method with allow us and our clients to see how well you overcome objections and how you go about achieving them.

  1. Drive

Ask what will be expected of you during an assignment, how you will be targeted and what you will need to achieve.

  1. Commitment

Keep in contact with us to let us know your availability, respond to our calls and emails regarding upcoming roles and most importantly, commit to the length of the assignment and don’t book anything during that time.

  1. Enthusiasm

It is said that it takes one tenth of a second to make a first impression so whether you are interviewing with us as an agency or having an interview with our clients, have a positive attitude, let your personality shine through and make a real effort to build rapport with everyone you meet or speak with.

  1. Direction

It doesn’t matter if you are a junior or senior level candidate, we expect our candidates to deal with direction from line managers well and do what is asked of you during your assignment.

  1. Accountability

We as an agency need to know if you are ill, need to book time off or have any hesitations or questions about the contract you are working. If we don’t know where you are or what you’re thinking, then how can we relay this to our clients?

  1. Responsibility

It is more than likely that other than the initial training you will receive at the start of a contract, our clients will expect that due to your previous experience (that contributed to you securing the role), you will be able to hit the ground running and be responsible for your own work and conduct.

  1. Relationships

If you have built a good relationship with your line manager there is a high chance they will recommend you to other managers within the business, extend your assignment and give you a glowing reference. If you build a good relationship with your agency, they will be fighting your corner to secure you on going work.

  1. Punctuality

Be on time! If you are late to an internal interview at Aspire without an excuse, we immediately have a lack of confidence in your ability to get to future interviews or work on time.

  1. Branding

You are your own brand so how you represent yourself through all of the above, will determine your future!