​By Jemima Addo

We all feel nervous when faced with unfamiliar or different situations and job interviews are one of them. For some, the feeling of anxiety leading up to the day of the interview can be overwhelming and in many cases hinder the chances of having a successful interview. Follow these steps so you are able to control your job interview nerves.

Days leading up to the interview

Minimising your nerves before you attend an interview by finding out what the interview may entail. For example you may be required to prepare a presentation or complete an assessment test. If this is something that is likely make you feel anxious, make sure you get all the information you need from your recruitment consultant or employer in order to put your mind at ease.

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before your interview will ensure that you are well rested and wake up feeling refreshed and energised. If you find falling asleep difficult because your nerves won’t allow you to doze off, try some herbal remedies to help.

Starting the day with a filling breakfast will do wonders to help calm your nerves. Trying eating breads/cereals which contain wholegrain, oats and fruits as these will not only do a better job of filling you up but it will also release energy in a controlled way which won’t let you feel deflated and anxious.

Arriving at the interview

Countless articles on interview etiquette always advise arriving between 5-10 minutes early for interviews. Not only does this highlight your good punctuality, but it gives you time to gather your thoughts and relax a little before the interview begins.

It’s a good idea to use this time wisely. Ask for a glass of water to keep you hydrated and to relieve a dry mouth. During this time you could also visit the bathroom to freshen up and make sure you're looking your smartest.

Waiting for the interview to begin

During the time spent waiting for an interview to begin, make sure you use this time wisely to relax yourself. Release any lingering nerves by focusing on something that brings back good memories which evoke the feelings of calm happiness rather than focusing on the impending interview. It could be the thought of a loved one, the great experience you had on holiday or the feelings of relief and joy you felt when you passed an exam. Use your mind to visualise that moment, and remember how great you felt. This should instantly calm any nerves.

Avoid frantically reading over any job description associated with the interview or cramming in any last minute information.This will elevate anxiety levels and leave you with more nerves that you began with. Remember to visualise and relax.

After you leave the interview

When the interview is over, don't dwell! Instead, go and treat yourself to something you enjoy.

Treating yourself to something rewarding after an interview will gradually train your brain to make associations between interviews and the feeling of being rewarded, which should in turn allow you to lose nerves and anxiety about interviews.

Good luck!