​As the winter nights draw in and people prepare for winter in the UK, it's easy to hunker down and hibernate until spring arrives. Yet as I walk out of our office in Singapore my thoughts are more about how to stay cool and more importantly how to communicate the fabulous opportunities available in Asia for UK marcoms professionals.

Whether you are in media, market research, digital or creative & design the opportunities for people with more than around 4 years UK experience are almost endless. UK talent is revered in Asia. The disciplines of the job, ability to communicate and present may be taken for granted in London – but our here they are sought after. Asia continues to boom and it's not surprising when you consider the stats. Indonesia has a population of 250 million, four times that of the UK. All are becoming consumers, fascinated by brand and aspire to purchase. Therefore all the marcoms companies in the region are battling to fulfill the requirements set for them by companies eager to make contact with increasingly huge numbers of willing consumers.

That doesn’t mean working in Asia is easy. There are cultural differences, a change of climate and differences in tax regimes from country to country. But everyone you meet is excited about the growing opportunities and genuine interest in doing something different and learning how to work in different cultures. And of course whether you are based in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore – everywhere else is no further than travelling to Europe from the UK. So the work life balance involves popping over to Bangkok for the weekend or nipping to an Indonesian island.

Obviously for those with families and young children, any move is a big one, but for others it is an opportunity that if not taken may become a regret. In the short time we have been here we have been asked to find everything from Country Managers with TV buying experience to Chief Executives. The key is that 1 years experience in the UK is worth twice that in Asia, so it is also an extraordinary opportunity to supercharge your career. So as you plod home in the rain and dark of London, have a thought for the sunny opportunities in Asia and contact our Aspire Global Network Asia office – it may change your life.