​You’ve just landed your dream role, you’re elated with the news and suddenly, it dawns on you…. you need to turn in your notice. It's sometimes the most difficult and awkward part of accepting a new job and can fill some people with anxiety and dread. Here are some tips to try and smooth the process and make it as stress free as possible.

Check your contract. Make sure you are aware of your notice period as it can differ depending on your length of employment and your position within the company. Remember, this could be different from when you first started. Your contract should also illustrate the amount of holiday you accrue per month. If you have a lot of holiday remaining, this could be used to shorten your notice.

Go prepared. You will need to write a letter to inform your employer you are handing your notice in as well as doing it verbally. The letter should include the date of which you are giving your notice, your position within the company and it’s always good to thank your employer. Don’t make it too fluffy but a thank you does go a long way.

Be confident. Know what you want to say, take a deep breath and say it. Be direct and to the point. If you come across unsure, you will open yourself up for a counter offer. Keep your new opportunity in mind.

Confirm your start date. Identify and confirm your last day at your current employer, as the first thing your new company will want to know is when you can start.

Make sure you leave on good terms. Check you can use your manager as a point of reference. Reassure your manager you will provide a cohesive hand over. If you are asked why you want leave, keep it professional; don’t drag up any contentious issues. Remember you still will be working for at least another month! As far as they are concerned, you are moving on to further your career.

Although I’m sure your manager and the company will be sad to see you leave, they won’t see it as a personal attack, so don’t worry, your relationship won’t be fractured. You shouldn’t feel like you have to tell anyone where you are going and what you are doing next, it’s your business and if you want to keep it private then do.

So keep calm, keep it light but to the point. Best of luck!