​Exciting News!

Going into 2014 there has been the usual lot to look forward to including the World Cup in Brazil this year. However since the New Year there has been a lot of media buzz about graduates and employment, and for good reason - graduate job vacancies are set to rise this year by over a whopping 10% according to the national press. This has been the highest rate in more than 5 years! What does this actually mean for this summer's university leavers and recent graduates?

The Facts

More employers have increased their entry level employment budgets meaning the potential capacity to take on more people onto their workforce. Among those who graduated in 2013, average salaries were £21,000 a year for men and £19,000 for women which is meant to stay around the same figure this year.

The biggest areas set to grow are in the Energy, Telecommunications, IT, and Financial Services sectors. At the Aspire, we specialise in a number of roles both sales and non sales within each of these sectors. From Graduate Conference Producers who would be in charge of creating international energy events to Sales Executive roles within business intelligence, media or digital.

So what does this mean for Graduates?

So it's all looking really positive this year. But what does this actually mean for you? Luckily, the Class of 2014 can look forward to the strongest graduate jobs market in over 5 years, so the rise in graduate-level vacancies will mean more career options and better job prospects for you. This doesn't necessarily mean that your job search will be made any easier however, as roughly 350,000 students are expected to graduate this year and competition as ever is always fierce for these positions so the last thing to do is to loose momentum. Continue to be proactive with your job search in the next few months and come May-time why not give us a call to see how we can help. 2014, if you play your cards right, could be the beginning of a long and successful career for you! Now get studying for those final year exams…