​Singapore punches well above its size… with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, fantastic career opportunities, high standard of living and excellent connections with the rest of the world, it is certainly a great place to live. So, in no particular order, here are my top reasons why you should visit Singapore or, heck, you could even move here!

1. The Food

Everyone raves about the huge variety of international food on offer in Singapore, you can enjoy fish and chips on Boat Quay, delicious tapas on Club Street or authentic Japanese Sushi at Shunjuu Izakaya, Robertson Quay.

But sample some of the local food and you will not be disappointed! Singapore is renowned for its local ‘hawker’ centres where you’ll find a number of open air stalls selling delicious food, as well as a number of similar indoor centres.

Why not try the traditional Char Kway Teow dish at Lau Pa Sat, 18 Raffles Quay, or

the famous Singapore Chili Crab dish at the popular seafood restaurant, Jumbo. Man Tou buns are recommended to mop up the delicious sauce!

2. Great holiday spots

Have you ever wanted to escape to paradise for the weekend after a long week at work? Then head to Juara Beach, Tioman Island. I think the picture says it all really!

You can reach most of the popular islands surrounding Singapore in a matter of hours, or minutes on a ferry or by plane - Changi International Airport is only 30 minutes away from the CBD.

3. Public Transport

We are very lucky with our public transport system in Singapore – it’s efficient, clean, safe and cheap!

You won’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes for a train and you’ll also be able to get just about anywhere in Singapore.

4. Career Opportunities

Singapore’s economy is growing rapidly and as a result: anything is possible!

If you’re thinking about a new role in marketing or media in Singapore talk to the Aspire Singapore team and we’ll be able to give you some great insight into the Singapore jobs market and guidance on living and working here.

5. The People

It takes courage to move to a new and different job, let alone country, which means that most people who come to work here tend to be very positive, “can-do” people; happy to socialise and help others – just as they were helped when they first arrived.

With English as the business language, you will fit in easily and immediately you will be made to feel welcome by Singaporeans, who are naturally very friendly and love a chat – most taxi drivers will quiz you throughout your journey and are more than happy to oblige with answers to your questions in return.

The public holidays are the religious festivals for all religions which means that you tend to pick up some of the local customs and traditions (such as spring cleaning before Chinese New Year) and can enjoy celebrating them too!

It’s a very inclusive place and I even felt brave enough to attend a Diwali party, dressed in a sari! Little did I realise, that I would be the only Westerner dressed as such, but was pleased I did since my effort was greatly appreciated by the Indian guests and ensured I went away VERY well fed!

6. Incredibly Safe

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Law and order is completely under government control, and Singapore focuses maintaining its clean cut image ensuring a high degree of personal safety for all. Orchard Towers/Road and the other tourist areas such as Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are really the only areas where you need to be a bit more vigilant about your belongings.

7. The Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Singapore is, without doubt, one of its biggest attractions. With islands on your doorstep, a hot and humid climate and low income tax there is plenty for everyone to enjoy here.

The difference between having a flat in London or Paris, to having one in Singapore is that it’s unlikely to come with a gym, pool and tennis courts!

Champagne brunch on a Sunday is the perfect way to end your weekend, with an unlimited flow of champagne and wines, accompanied by delicious seafood, roasts, sushi and desserts often offered in dangerously alluring buffets. These present a high risk of a food coma, which is hard to shake when simply lounging around in the heat!

Tip: Try the Fullerton Bay Hotel or The Hyatt for expansive menus and superb food quality in luxurious settings.

Major events such as the F1 – the only night race in the year’s international circuit and the city becomes electric with excitement, added to by the massive music concert which accompanies it.

Singapore’s resort island and playground, Sentosa, features beach clubs, universal studios, nature walks, spas, hotels and impressive golf grounds.