​It’s the end of a long week and you’re dying to relax with a drink or two. The easiest option is to go to your local pub, where you know the barman by name and have a regular table. It’s comfortable, sure, but it does get a bit tiresome week after week.

London is vibrant, exciting and busy, and there’s no reason that your social life shouldn’t be too.

Tucked away in the depths of the city are unique, interesting and unusual bars, pubs and clubs waiting to be discovered.

From entering through an old phone box, to trying your luck at secret codes, visiting a hidden London bar is sure to be a night to remember!

1. The Experimental Cocktail Club

Covering three floors of an old Chinatown townhouse, this is a relaxed, beautifully decorated space that offers some of the most interesting cocktails we’ve come across.

2. Danger of Death

To enter this uniquely named spot in Bricklane, you have to press the right set of switches in an electrical cupboard . Once inside, cosy candle lit tables and killer cocktails await. The cocktails are ranked by how ‘dangerous’ they are, and as an added bonus, if you manage to work your way through all 20 (make sure to get your book stamped!) they’ll reward you with a £50 bar tab

3. Bunga Bunga

This is a fantastic venue in Battersea, which serves mouth watering pizzas, and conveniently turns into a nightclub later in the evening. The entrance to this eccentric venue is via an Italian phone box, which takes you through the gondola shaped bar, full of charcuterie joints hanging from the ceiling. Great for big groups and if you’re into crazy Karaoke - they even have a ‘Eurovision song contest’ room to hire.

4. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat town

“I’m here to see the mayor” – the magic words that you need to say if you want try out this trendy hangout. If the staff like the look of you they’ll invite you in. And by that we mean entering through a Smeg fridge, down some stairs into a brick walled haven of booze! The Exit is just as interesting – you have to leave via a My Little Pony Toilets… Oh, and they have an amazing selection of unusual and fairly priced cocktails.

5. The Nightjar Bar

Slightly different from the standard Shoreditch vibe, signposted only by a small placard, you could easily miss this hidden spot. With a 1920s feel, the bar entices you with it delicious cocktails split into different eras (pre-prohibition, prohibition and post-war.)

So, next time you feel like going out (we’re guessing this weekend) why not discover a hidden side of London?