​Two months down and doesn’t time fly. It seems like yesterday I turned up wearing my nicest shirt, ironed to perfection, a clean shaven face smoother than Ray Charles in a soul bar, ready to start my journey towards being a fully-fledged consultant! I’ve moved on from hassling my team with questions like ‘what is a media agency’, to diving into the world of ad technology and it’s happened faster than I imagined. (Special shout out to Tash, Tom and Natalie for gritting their teeth when I ask the same question as I asked the day before).

The start of the graduate scheme has been extremely varied, keeping me engaged day in, day out! As the weeks progress, the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit into place through a mix of desk coaching, classroom training, role plays and general support from the team. I’ve been asked what a normal day consists of; that’s not an easy question to answer, but that is the beauty of the role!

Thinking back over the last 8 weeks, I’ve experienced various emotional states! From hand shaking nerves making my first call (The team say they’re not listening, but we all know they are) to feeling accomplished after leading my first interview. I’ve felt embarrassed after leaving a voicemail saying ‘I look forward to hearing you’ instead of ‘hearing from you’ but these hiccups have all been part of the learning process and I can laugh at them now. Mapping out my understanding of a market that was initially alien to me has been the most challenging hurdle for me to jump, but the guidance from my team has been second to none!

Joining Aspire with no previous experience in recruitment or digital sales, I came in with an open mind. Already, I’ve become fascinated with the intricacies of the programmatic space and the power it has in the ever evolving world of digital advertising. Technology has a hold over nearly every aspect of our lives and within the digital ecosystem, companies are constantly trying to set themselves apart from their competition by adding to or improving on their current technological offering. I’m naturally inquisitive, so for me, it’s important to recruit into an area that keeps me on my toes.

To summarise, my start at Aspire has been challenging but it wouldn’t be rewarding if it was easy! Employee satisfaction is a key theme that runs through the heart of the company and from day one I have felt extremely welcome. Free fruit in the morning is starting to lead me astray (in a positive way) from the infamous Greggs sausage roll which was a staple part of my morning routine but not good for my waistline; not to mention the on-site massages that provide a moment of rejuvenation before stepping back into the recruitment realm. Hopefully I’ll look back on this blog after another 2 months of riding the rollercoaster that is recruitment and laugh again at how far I’ve come!