​There are many advantages of being a freelance copywriter; the creativity, the freedom, the flexibility.

I often get the chance to catch up with my candidates about their freelance journeys and these are the most common benefits of the career that they share with me.

1. BYOB!!

That’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’, obviously. Let’s say you find yourself hankering for a 3 month road trip across the US, or more realistically life happens and you have to change plans at a moment’s notice, you aren’t restricted to your 23 days holiday. Also, you can turn down a brief; don’t fancy writing about makeup or oil refineries this week? Then don’t. The job is completely your own to shape.

2. You know something they don’t know

You’re the specialist. Copywriters are so important to a business’s content strategy. A seasoned copywriter knows exactly what to say and how to say it. Whether you’ve built your portfolio around creative agencies, design, B2B, finance or even astrology, you’re the one with the knowledge and tone of voice to set your client apart from their competitors.

3. Embodiment and Transformation

Sounds pretty intense, but if you think about it you’re becoming the company's voice. Their creative outlet is going through you and depending on the direction of the project, you could be transforming the way the brand is perceived!

4. Getting your name out there

One thing I come up against a lot is candidates worrying about not having enough freelance work to maintain a steady income. If you’re just starting out in the world of freelance copy, it’s a scary place. As with any new job you need to put in the hours to reap the rewards, but once you get your portfolio full of indispensable writing the stream of work is steady. Before you know it you’ll be finding your name at the bottom of numerous printed or digital copy from product descriptions to political journalism.

Freelancing is a lucrative career choice and one that you’d find hard to grow tired of.