​Here at Aspire, we work really hard to secure our candidates interviews with some fantastic companies, for some amazing roles. Sure, interviews are hard work and pretty stressful, but when it comes to trying to get out of one, we've heard every excuse in the book. Don't believe us? Read on...

1. We've all forgotten to go on holiday right?

'I can’t attend the interview as I forgot my Dad booked a three week holiday to the Caribbean.'

2. The weather in England can be treacherous

'I didn’t make the interview as I fell over in the rain on the way.'

3. So many deliveries, so little time

'I had to leave my interview half way through as I forgot I needed to be in at home to pick up a delivery.'

4. Because completing Tinder will look great on your CV...

'I can’t attend the interview today as I had a first date last night and didn’t have time to prepare.'

5. Thirsty Thursdays anyone?

'I am too hungover to go to the interview this morning... it was a heavy night.'

6. Liar liar

'I can’t attend the interview as I have locked myself out of my house and my phone is inside' – sent from an email with the signature “sent from iPhone”.

7. Don't you just hate it when bad shoes ruin a good day?

'I can’t attend the interview as I don’t have any shoes that go with my suit.'

8. Send help!

'I didn’t make the interview as I cut my finger.'

9. Ever heard of Google maps?

'I didn’t make the interview as I got lost and couldn’t find the offices.'

10. If in doubt, blame the dog

'I can’t come to the interview as I have to babysit my dog.'

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