1. Get LinkedIn and check your social media!

Don’t forget that you’ll be easy to find on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so either block your profile to ensure only your friends can view it or make sure it’s sensible enough that you don’t mind your future boss seeing what you post!

Whilst on the topic of social media, get yourself a LinkedIn profile with a nice professional picture – it will make you look serious about your job hunt and you can check out interviewers on there for info on how their career has panned out.

  1. Check your CV for mistakes

This seems like a complete no-brainer but we still see CVs that are littered with spelling and grammatical errors and that sometimes means candidates are immediately rejected.

  1. Buy an outfit for interviews

You want to come across sharp and professional! A good suit doesn’t have to cost the earth but it will get you further than chinos and a creased shirt.

  1. Get a watch and set it 10-minutes fast

This will help make sure you are always on time (if not slightly early) for interviews. Being late to an interview never creates a good impression no matter the excuse.

  1. Clear your diary

The graduate job market moves incredibly quickly so interviews can often pop up at short notice; make sure you are as free as possible during the day so you can get to as many interviews as you can.

  1. Think about your expenses

This doesn’t mean the salary you want to earn but how will you afford the train fare to London? Job hunting does cost money so think about how you’ll finance yourself until you secure a role.

  1. Set up voicemail on your phone

Recruiters, like us, will always want to have an initial chat to see if we’ll be able to help and if you don’t pick up a clear, concise voicemail is a great start!

Also don't be afraid of private numbers – that blocked number could be someone calling through a job offer for you!

  1. Think about what is realistic

The average graduate salary isn’t £35k like a lot of fresh grads seem to think, we will struggle to help you if you won’t look at roles paying less than £25k – our average across the board is £21k.

  1. Be open!

We recruit for a variety of different roles so the more open you are to hearing about roles or industries you might not have considered before, the more opportunities we can speak to you about.

  1. Be honest!

It’s our number one priority to get you a job you’re really happy with and excited about. Tell us if you don’t think a job is right and why – it can help us hone the search and narrow down the exact opportunities you’ll be passionate about.