​We host group interviews at our London office every week, wherein we invite 6-10 candidates for a group interview assessment.

The hiring client is also invited so they can observe candidates performing tasks and speak with Aspire consultants after each section. At the end of the group assessment, candidates may chat to clients on a one-to-one basis in the office, so clients can pick who they want to progress with to second stage.

Aspire consultants carry out the activities on the day so that clients can observe candidates interacting with one another.

We act as the third party between candidates and clients to help the process run quickly and efficiently and in the most comfortable way possible.

How Do Hosted Interviews Benefit Clients?

Saving time

We launched hosted interview days to address the issue of clients spending too much time on graduate recruitment. Our hosted interviews mean that clients can easily and efficiently select candidates they want to progress with, by seeing a small group of candidates performing tasks at the same time. We meet with clients to understand what they are looking for in terms of personality and skills and so we can understand what their office environment and working culture is like. Having this meeting beforehand ensures we invite the most suitable candidates that match the specification. All the candidate selection is handled by us; clients just need to attend the session and pick which of our shortlist they would like to invite for a second stage interview.

We cater to business requirements

We tailor our hosted interviews to meet client needs. We can alter group activities to match the skills required in the job specification. Unlike other assessment centres, this bespoke format ensures we accommodate the client and what they want to get out of the day. We keep our assessment centres relatively small compared to our competitors to give clients more time to focus on specially selected individuals.

Minimises cost of internal resources

Hosted interviews help clients because it means they don’t have to hire space for interviews and it minimises the internal resources they would have to use if they carried out interviews themselves. Clients can process a group of people in a short period of time, instead of having to make decisions on a one-to-one interview basis.

How Do Hosted Interviews Benefit Candidates?

A smaller group

Usually, assessment centres are packed full of 20-30 people so it’s difficult for individuals to stand out and shine. We ensure our assessments are more personal, so candidates get the opportunity to showcase themselves to clients.

Get to know more about the role

We invite individuals from the business to come in and talk openly about the role and offer a Q&A session so candidates can find out more about the role. This also provides an opportunity for candidates to ask any questions they have about the job specification and the business. Candidates often find this style incredibly helpful, as it gives them a chance to speak to employees, hearing first hand what it is like to work at the company and what the role would entail.

A comfortable interview setting

Our candidates will have already met with the consultant running the hosted interview, so they have that familiarity to help ease any nerves. All activities on the day are run by Aspire consultants, acting as the third party between candidates and clients at all times.