​Recruitment, really is like marmite isn’t it? You either love it or you hate it. The early mornings, late finishes, chasing relentlessly after a client, oh and my favourite – candidates dropping out at the last minute! But as with anything in life, with the bad comes the good. *insert cheesy quote*

Around June last year, I was given the opportunity to join Aspire’s shiny Talent Hub in Birmingham. After two rather daunting experiences in recruitment prior to my Aspire days, I did question – is this the role for me? I decided to take the plunge, and I can honestly say the risk paid off. At Aspire, you’re not just a small fish trying to fight off all the other fish to reach to the top, instead you’re recognised as an individual. The great training structure provided me with the foundation that I needed to succeed as a recruiter. #BestEmployee.

Better still, it doesn’t end there. Every Aspire employee is part of the Aspire programme where we receive support, training and guidance as we go through our careers. Whether I want to become a manager, or aspire to become a more senior consultant, there’s a clear path for progression – and pay rises!

Of course, we all have bad days when we want to scream at the computer screen, but the support that’s available to me allows me to bounce back from those bad days. I had no background in digital marketing before I started, but having the support (and patience!) of my team to become an expert in my market has certainly been worthwhile. And now here I am 8 months on, embracing recruitment and all things digital marketing. My advice to any graduate, or even someone looking for a career change would be join a company where you feel dependable rather than disposable. In your personal, as well as professional life you should feel valued. The working day typically consists of around 8 hours, and if you don’t feel valued or recognised at the company you’re working for then it’s time to sail that ship away. My time thus far at Aspire has been great. A new day offers a new challenge, and not being one to take an easy ride, that’s what I was after; a challenging yet rewarding career.

Want to know more about being a talent consultant at Aspire? Why not get in touch, we’re hiring at our Birmingham and London offices now.

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