​Our Senior Marketing Executive in Hong Kong, Carmen, waxes lyrical on moving back to Asia...

Less than two years ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my adult life -- I gave up everything I had built and moved back to Asia after spending more than a decade living and working in the UK and Germany.

Eighteen months later, here I am, with absolutely no regrets! In fact, I have enjoyed every single minute of my work and my life here in Hong Kong. Here are a few reasons why:

Working in Asia is never boring!

You must have heard a dozen horror stories about the long working hours in Asia. But I am so lucky to have joined a company like Aspire, where work isn’t about sitting in my cubicle from seven to ten!

On the contrary, working in Asia is full of excitement and opportunities.

Life in Asia is fast-paced and ever-changing! Locals embrace new ideas and technology much faster than their counterparts in Europe and they are much more curious to try out new things.

In client-facing industries such as Recruitment, you get the chance to meet with a wide range of people, as well as to learn and try out innovative products in your job!

Say bye bye to bureaucracy

Having worked in Germany in the past years, moving back to Hong Kong to work has been a breath of fresh air!

Personally, I feel so free in my work here – there are no unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles I have to jump through just to get certain things done. In Asia, you are rewarded for working smart, working efficiently and creatively. So, as long as you can solve the problem, nobody is going to ask you to follow a step-by-step flowchart.

Of course, you can’t compromise integrity, honesty and your work ethics, because quality still trumps everything.

International working environment with an Asian twist

If you want to enjoy an international working environment, but still get authentic and cheap Sushi, Pho and Dim Sum, do think about moving to Hong Kong or Singapore!

Food aside, I truly enjoy living in a cultural melting pot. Companies here embrace both Western and Eastern traditions and many have attracted talents from all over the world.

Just check out our team and you’ll see that Aspire Asia consist of talent from the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Germany, speaking more than 7 languages all together!

Being a "returning Asian", one of the biggest rewards in my work is to be the bridge between my colleagues and their cultures. It makes you reflect on the best communication strategy in different situations and often makes you laugh!

Weekends just get that much more interesting!

Can't stand the rain and the cold anymore? Well, you don't have to in Asia! Hong Kong and Singapore are known for their nice subtropical and tropical weather. If it's too hot, why don't you go windsurfing at Big Wave Bay! A bit breezy today? Then go for a wonderful hike up the Lion Rock!

Yes, it is possible to live a city life with nature surrounding you!


Do I need to say more? If good food makes you happy, then...plan your relocation already!