​In the past decade personal branding has increased so much that everyone has access to some degree of information about one another. Interested in learning more about your local dentist? I’m sure you’d be able to find out where they graduated with a few taps on your phone. My point is, you carry your personal brand at all walks of life and digital has only amplified that to a greater audience, so wise up and use your personal brand to your advantage.

Personal branding is a huge opportunity to showcase to an employer your skills, values and ultimately what you offer to their business. That sentence might sound a little confusing as to what actually is the difference between a normal resume and one which highlights actual use of branding. Well, branding is more about showcasing your passions, values and strength of character; it creates chemistry with the reader and ultimately pre-qualifies you as a suitable candidate who fits the mould in their company culture.

Before you can start to brand and create content for your resume, you need to know who you’re targeting. Do some research to see if you can source job descriptions of the sorts of roles you’re interested in applying for, this will allow you to mould your CV to meet the needs of any potential employers. Industry and company research will identify required qualifications and important keywords that need to be in your resume.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure it’s included on your resume. If you have testimonials from previous employees/clients, then you’re truly in the money. Endorsements are recommendations in the LinkedIn world and can add huge weight to your profile. Before buying something online, most of us browse through customer reviews to see what others had to say, it’s the same with your brand, if other people regard you highly, you’re in much better shape to be chosen over others.

It’s not all for your benefit, interviewing and the whole hiring process costs money. When hiring managers make the right decision on a candidate it saves the business time and money. Your branded resume makes the process easier for them which automatically places you in their good books. When interviewing, which I’m sure you’ll get selected for (after you brand your CV) reinforce and support your brand. Include stories and previous conversations which highlight the person you truly are.

Overall this can be a timely process, but the work you do, and the effort you put in will define you and form the foundation of your future personal brand.