​Has your job lost its va-va-voom? That's okay! Everyone has had low days turn into a low period at work. Even if we are hitting our targets and being challenged every day, it's very easy to feel stuck in a routine which no longer excites you as it once did.

Here are a few things you can try to bring back that love for working (or at least make it a little more enjoyable):

1.Change up your routine

You’re not a robot so it makes sense that the same old routine can get us down. Do things in a different order to keep things interesting.

2.Give yourself incentives

However small your task or project, give yourself a treat to get yourself through the things you don’t always enjoy doing. As simple as a cuppa or a cake.

3.Take a walk

Make the most of the sun, cause let’s face it – we don’t get it often. Taking a walk can help give us head space and stretch out feelings of tiredness.

4.Know your value

Think about what you bring to your work and appreciate the efforts you put in to achieve your goals and objectives. You’re a boss.

5.Recognise your wins

Tracking your accomplishments shows growth and achievement in what you do. It will make you feel proud of what you do every day.

6.Identify ways to learn something new

There’s always room to expand your knowledge. It might be a new system for a completely new project, or simply finding a better system for your current tasks.

7.Meditate and breathe

Cut yourself off from the world for as little as 10-15 minutes a day. Breathing can help you keep calm and meditation can help you reconnect with your thoughts.

8.Make sure you’re getting good sleep

Poor sleep can have an affect on your mood, your energy, your enthusiasm and your concentration.

9.Give yourself a break

A few steps away from your desk to get in a round of tea or even a little catch up with other colleagues can prevent you from burning out.

10.Leave work at work

Once you get into the habit of taking your work home with you, you rely on this too much. Not only does it negate you finishing on time, it takes away your right to relax.

11.Set personal career goals

Your objectives are set to make sure positively affect revenue, but don’t forget to focus on your development too. Look into networking events or courses to constantly improve.

12.Book a holiday

Having something to look forward to is a motivator for sure. Book that holiday with your main gang and start that count down!

13.Remember your values

Consider what is important to you and ask yourself if your job is fulfilling that. There was a reason you took this job – make sure those reasons still count.

14.Plan a work social

We spend longer with our work buddies than our families. Getting to know them, sharing opinions and simply having a laugh can help improve your outlook on going to work.

15.Make new friends

It’s great talking to new people. New friends from different walks of life are always interesting. Be curious about how they perceive the world and random other things.

16.Consider a mentor

Find someone you look up to for their career success and meet them for a coffee to see if they can give you any pointers on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

17.Communicate with your Manager

Think about the things that you enjoy and those that you don’t enjoy so much and discuss this with your Manager. They might be able to set you new tasks suited to you instead.

18.Take your work elsewhere

The office can get a little busy. Stop staring at the same four walls and take your work outside, at a Café or even a Library to help with concentration and a little peace.

19.Ask for a raise or promotion

Maybe you’ve been doing this role for a while. Exercising your capabilities and pushing yourself with a new challenge is rewarding. And a raise will help you feel valued too.

20.Take advantage of office perks

Whether its money off new specs, breakfast provided or monthly incentives, they are there to help you love your job that little bit more.

21.Leave your job

If these things don’t do it for you. If you begrudge coming into work despite communicating your feelings and your job no longer works for you – always remember there’s something new out there.