​Storytelling has always been one of the key marketing tools used by brands, right from the time when advertising was done through print, radio, and television. Over the years, marketing has evolved yet storytelling remains an important part.

And with Internet and social media explosion, digital storytelling is, in fact, more powerful than conventional storytelling, considering the wider audience it connects with. In nutshell, it is all about creating high-quality marketing content that is emotionally engaging, and memorable enough to be shared across the digital channels.

Here are some of the ways on how marketers have been using digital storytelling to empower their marketing strategy.

Effective communication with the audience

Connecting with the audience is the secret behind creating winning brands. This is possible only if your business is able to reach out to the targeted audience and connect with them to the extent that they get motivated to become your customers. At the same time, there is a need to use the right digital assets, such as brand website and social media, for sharing narratives, while ensuring consistency across all channels.

The most successful brands leverage the power of storytelling by creating a fine balance between impactful emotions and just the right amount of information that the audience would want to know your brand and feel connected with it. A great brand story is usually simple and easy to understand, besides having a good recall value for potential customers.

Empowering people and communities

Beyond just connecting with the audience, storytelling empowers people and communities as well. These may be external and internal teams, but at the same time are made of individuals, each having a unique story to share. This can serve as a great idea for building synergies, driving motivation and strengthening relationships of the people and communities involved. And becomes a powerful way to connect with people digitally.

Company culture offers engaging content

The success of businesses no longer relies only on maximizing sales and profits but involves building the brand’s reputation as well. This is because customers think beyond just the offerings but want to connect with brands that have an honest and positive culture.

The stories that circulate within organisations reflect the culture that prevails therein. With digital narrative, they become open for the world to know.

When the culture with a company is aligned, its people will come up with coherent stories that resonate and come ahead as genuine ones. The key lies in giving people the opportunity to narrate their stories and understanding their perspective to recognize the gaps and realign the company culture.

The goal of storytelling is to inspire and motivate, both the potential customers and your employees, so that they stay with your brand and propel its growth.

The cycle of storytelling can be understood as a chain of authenticity, emotion, personal connection and action, all strung together with a captivating storyline. By leveraging digital media for your brand’s storytelling, you can unlock the true potential of the content that you would want to share with the world.