​Executive Search – What to do, how to work with recruiters and how we can help!

One of the biggest challenges that organisations come across these days relates to recruitment. Not that there is a dearth of talent but finding the right fit is easier said than done, particularly when it comes to the leadership roles. Recruiting people in the senior and executive roles such as President, Vice-president and CEO is complex and time-intensive, considering that only a rare set of people with the right skills, expertise, experience, mindset and level of emotional intelligence can fit in. This is the reason employers typically rely on executive search firms for critical job openings. Let us tell you more about this means of recruitment.

What can you do for a successful executive search?

It is evident that filling the top management positions is far different from conventional recruitment for junior roles. Though there is no one best way, a trusted executive search firm can be a reliable source of talent for recruiting leadership roles. With the industry exposure and recruiting experience they have, these firms are likely to connect businesses with the most suitable candidates. An organisation would rather do confidential hiring for top positions than advertise them openly, which is another reason why collaborating with such firms works.

While this approach does increase the chances of landing the right candidates, it is also a major investment for any business. The search firm usually charges one-third of the compensation package for the position (which is negotiable though). The cost of retaining a recruiting firm is likely to run in thousands and the figure can rise significantly with the pay level and seniority of the positions. However, working with them can be a wise decision because the cost of not filling the executive roles with the right people is often significantly greater than the cost of searching for them.

How should employers work with executive recruitment firms?

Now that employers have a valid reason to work closely with recruitment firms for closing senior positions, the next concern is about how the collaboration needs to be handled. The most important aspect is mutual understanding; this is the reason why a retainer model is preferable because a search firm that has a long-term relationship with an employer is more likely to understand the requirements and work culture of the business and find candidates that blend therein seamlessly.

Another noteworthy fact about hiring through executive recruitment firms is that they generally handle opportunities exclusively, with their major focus being on confidentiality. The majority of these opportunities are, in fact, not listed on job boards.

Rather, the head-hunter reaches out to and connects with the suitable candidates directly. This gives them better chances of finding people who are genuinely interested and more likely to stay with the employer company for the long run.

How we can help you with executive searches?

Finding the right leaders is as tough as seeking a needle in the haystack but as a pioneering executive search firm, we can actually deliver a slate of candidates who bring together the perfect blend of knowledge, skills and abilities in addition to excelling in aspects like culture fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. The contacts we have built over the years make us capable of facilitating speedy and streamlined executive searches. Additionally, we can help in mitigating the risk of hiring the wrong candidates for these coveted positions. Most importantly, we believe in building trustworthy, long-term collaborations with the clients so that we understand their businesses as well as they do.