​For some handful of years, video has stormed marketing and media platforms as one of the most engaging types of content. And now, with so many of us working from home, digital tools and video applications are ruling the roost in keeping us connected with news updates and each other, both inside and outside of our work.

It’s time to capitalise on the most favourable content to market ourselves in the same way – on video.

For recruitment, video interviews are not a new concept. Sure, if we can no longer invite the candidate to meet the hiring manager, phone calls and video calls are the next best thing. But what should you consider before you make a novice mistake?

Save time

Time is a huge factor in recruitment processes that often get overlooked. Time spent on comparing and feedback to potential employees can make all the difference in losing or gaining the best person for the job.

Not only does Aspire’s video interviewing cut out the need for a candidate or the host to travel to an interview, there’s no system you have to run on your computer to get up and running, it’s pretty easy to set up. It’s also quicker to share interviews with other key decision makers so you can make a collective decision, faster.

Set up easily

We’ve all been caught out by meeting ID’s and passwords with generic video conferencing apps, and some ask for our email address and need to be downloaded before you can begin.

We try not to boast, but our interviewing platform is literally raring to go at the click of a button. On both sides of recruitment, it is very easy to join an interview or record your own videos which saves time and any frustrations that may have built if things were not working correctly.

Record and re-visit

In a usual interview setting, initial stages include shortlisting a large pool of candidates who have applied for a job by asking key questions.

With our recording functionality, clients can now set questions for candidates to submit later, all managed on their behalf by the recruitment consultant.

Armed with recorded answers, clients can now review the applicants at a much faster rate than normal and involve other stakeholders by sending them the link so they can also assess in their own time, and re-visit.

Live interview

Most video apps are live. There’ll be a meeting request that you accept and join at the same time as the person you’re talking to and so both parties feel comfortable and in the moment, almost as if you’re meeting them in person. But they also require all key stakeholders to be present.

For Aspire’s clients, hiring managers have the option to set up live interviews too, they pretty much solve any fears of not having a face-to-face conversation, and our consultants are always on hand if you need them. We use live interviews for second stage, so the client only sees the very best of the shortlisted candidates, saving overall time spent on recruiting.

  • EXAMPLE: For an internal position at Aspire, we were able to shortlist and interview candidates within five days. Three interviewers were able to see submitted videos from a shortlist of applicants and give their feedback. This was followed by a live 2nd stage interview, where successful candidates were asked to present a prepared task brief and attend a 3rd stage video conference with the prospective team. Finally, an offer was made; all in the same day! Although it’s a new process, it was seamless, easy to use and saved time compared to usual face-to-face stages.

GDPR Compliant and your data protected

Remember those emails you received asking you to physically acknowledge whether you would like to ‘Opt in’ to receive communication? Well, customers of all kinds are still heavy on data protection and having control over what you see or share about them.

Rest assured, Aspire’s video interview platform is GDPR compliant and we always make sure you’re happy for us to share videos of you between respective candidates and clients to help you navigate through a recruitment process.

We understand that you have plenty to juggle at the moment, but don’t fear, we’re here to help when it comes to finding the right person for your job vacancies. We’re happy to tell you more and invite you to kick start your video interviewing recruitment process.