​The recruitment agency stereotype of long hours, 100% office-based working and no work-life balance is far from the reality here at Aspire. We acknowledge that flexibility is an essential part of work and we strive to cater for every individual’s needs. So, whether you are new to recruitment or looking for your next challenge, here are 5 reasons why you should consider working for Aspire!

  1. Roles beyond the traditional 360 consultant

If you want that balance of business development and candidate management, we have opportunities to join our constantly growing team of 360 consultants, each specialising in their own sector.

If you love having regular client contact but don’t enjoy the business development side of 360, you can join our team of dedicated Account Managers who look after our largest clients.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of business development, you can opt for a pure sales route on our team of Business Development Managers.

And if you’d prefer to focus on the candidate journey, you can join our Talent Hub and focus solely on resourcing great talent for your team’s roles.

  1. Clear career paths

We have rolled out a clear career path for each employee so that they understand their options and know how to get there. For example, one of our longstanding Talent Hubbers, Ellie, has worked her way up to management and now has her very own team! Similarly, Naomi joined Group Sales as a Senior Business Development Manager and was promoted to Business Director of Interim within a few months!

You can rest assured that Aspire will help you find the role that is right for you. My manager helped me transition from a Pre-Sales Consultant into a more suitable role working with candidates and supporting our Account Managers where I’ve been happily working ever since.

  1. A hybrid model of home/office working

Everyone is trusted and given the autonomy to hit their targets in ways that work for them. We come together twice a week as a team in the office so we don’t lose the social, collaborative element of work, and you can of course come in more often that that if you wish! Having offices in London, Birmingham and Glasgow gives us the flexibility to work in any of these cities!

We also appreciate that working from home offers huge benefits. For instance, this allows employees to work from much further afield than they would otherwise be able to – from Hannah in Glasgow to Terry in Devon!

  1. Flexible working hours

We understand that the early birds amongst us like to start work at 8 and finish by 5, but we also appreciate that others may like their lie ins, need to drop children at school, or have other commitments meaning they can’t start till 9. On Fridays, 9-5 is the norm, because everyone loves an extra hour in bed and an early start to the weekend!

Also, if you need to pop out during the day, our managers are really understanding – for example, you’ll often catch Naomi on the school run at 3 or cooking dinner for multiple mouths at 5!

Sometimes, something might come up last minute, or you may just wake up not feeling in a working mood, and that’s okay – each quarter we are entitled to a duvet day which allows us to take a day of annual leave with no prior notice/request.

  1. Part-time & full-time roles

Some of our consultants work part-time, and we understand that there are many different reasons why someone might not be able to work 5 days a week and will always do our best to accommodate.

For instance, Katie is working part-time so she can spend an extra 2 days a week with her daughter. Vic is also transitioning from a full-time employee to working 2 days a week alongside studying for her Masters at LSE!

So, whatever your personal situation or circumstances, please get in touch to discuss how we can accommodate! I hope this has shown that here at Aspire, we work to live, not live to work.
Email LukeW@WeAreAspire.com to find out about our current vacancies.

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