​If you’re sourcing and job searching in the digital and media space you’ll find that:

Skilled candidates are highly sought for. We’re currently experiencing a job-rich market but it’s a challenge to find the right candidates to fill those roles. There are a variety of roles available across all levels from account exec to director. Though, with clients trying to retain their people, we’re also seeing quite a lot of counteroffers being accepted. The market is so saturated for digital and media roles that candidates are receiving multiple job offers at once.

We advise candidates to be selective where they want to apply, there is such a variety now than before. Candidates can be a little overwhelmed because there are so many roles and interviews but being honest and clear about the opportunities that they are applying for means we can focus attention on helping them get their dream role.

To become more appealing, clients have since inflated their salaries to complement the short candidate market. Hirers understand the need to be more efficient about recruitment and placing candidates which means it’s all very fast pace. In fact, we can place candidates within one month of the first conversation.

The digital and media sector is often looking to hire:

Experienced mid-level Account Managers. We are also seeing a slowly but surely come back in hiring overseas candidates as Covid-19 restrictions ease, recently placing two candidates from the APAC region, as well as Nordic candidates and South African candidates. There has been an increase in client-side roles than ever before. Agency roles have been weighted more towards placing people in new roles with a few replacements for people who have progressed. This is because they are so busy with new business wins, and clients spending more on advertising as we get closer to ‘normal.’

The perfect digital and media candidate includes:
  1. Communication skills, having the gravitas to deal with clients and internal stakeholders.

  2. Tools and technologies to perform their role such as SA360, Kenshoo, Marin, Google Analytics, and Facebook Business Manager.

  3. Knowledge of digital and media channels and how all channels integrate together to track and advertise to consumers.

  4. Understand the consumer and the digital media that they consume, value, or respond to.

  5. Passion for the industry and to provide high-quality advertising or tracking.

  6. Campaign management and goal reaching

  7. Analytical and reporting skills

  8. Sales minded, comfortable bringing on new business, cross-selling and up-selling.

  9. Creative thinking outside the box

  10. Consulting recommendations to educate clients with their expertise.

Inexperienced digital and media candidates can invest into:

Internships, freelancing with local businesses, unpaid and paid experience. We have worked with candidates who have just started in the sector, eager to learn and build their understanding. Those with less experience can follow industry trends and market news online as well as speak to recruiters like us that specialise in the field. We advise to be curious and ask as many questions as you can. Self-study with online courses and qualifications are advantageous but not required. Any hands on experience is recommended such as a year in industry or placement so ensure you mention this to employers to prove your knowledge of the sector.

Digital & Media employers are now offering

Wellbeing benefits to show how agencies and brands look after their staff. Burn out due to high volume of work is not uncommon, so work life balance and progression routes should be made clear. With working environments being more fluid than ever before, there should also be avoidance of blanketing the working environment policy because there are still some candidates who prefer to work in the office. Accommodating to employees helps them feel valued and less likely to move jobs. Because candidates are having so many choices in a new job, employers really need to sell their agency or brand, the role, and extra benefits to appeal to the best candidates.

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