​Here, on the Graduate team we invite successful candidates to graduate workshops. Now, most people hear ‘graduate workshop’ and start to cringe or have lots of questions on how they work. So I’ve put together a little blog on why they are so useful, not just for us but for potential candidates who are considering a career in sales too!

The process starts by sending us your CV and ideally that CV will be up-to-date and outlining your background along with what you are looking for in a position. If we feel your CV represents the kind of candidate we look for; we will give you a call. We receive hundreds of CVs each week so sometimes it does take us a little while to get through them! We will then go through a telephone interview where we ask you to tell us what you want to do and why. Especially at an entry level, where you might not have the experience, your drive and motivation will be what sets you apart from the other candidates we speak with. You’ll need to be able to describe this to us clearly and concisely as you will need to do this well a formal interviews.

From the telephone interview, if we think we will be able to help you, we will invite you to a graduate workshop. Now this isn’t an assessment centre or anything scary! We keep them to around 6 people so we can really get to know you and what you’re looking for. The reason we do groups, as opposed to one-to-one registrations, is that many of our clients will interview for entry level roles in a group so it gives you not only a chance to practice but us a chance to see you in action! Our groups give you the learning exposure, so when it comes to actual interviews, you have the confidence and knowledge to wow!

The group will lead by one of the graduate consultants; they will be talking you through what we do here on the Graduate team and the types of sectors that we recruit into. We also do a presentation on what you can expect from a career in sales and want to be as honest as possible so we do cover the lows as well as the highs of sales. We want equip you with as much information as possible before embarking on your career. The consultant will complete tasks with you about understand what qualities make a good sales person and why, how to structure your answers for interviews and how to come across as best you can.

We offer business to business sales training which is different to any training you have received before in previous sales roles as it is specifically tailored to and structured around business to business conversations. The reason we do this is to get you used to the kind of conversations you would be having on a daily basis if you secure a role within B2B sales. As well as getting you prepared for interview, many of our roles will involve a role play somewhere among the interview process so it’s all about making sure you have that training in your back pocket to really shine.

After the sales training, the consultant will give you feedback. The reason why we give feedback is we want you to be able to learn as much as possible form this experience, whether it is you realise you are more analytic and right for different kind of roles to just making sure you sit up and smile. We aim to give every candidate feedback so you can actively build on certain areas so you can be stronger in interviews.

Then you get to meet the team of graduate consultants, there are 10 of us here, individually recruiting for specific sectors and specific roles. So by attending the group workshop, you maximise the opportunities for getting interviews booked in.

Though this initially might seem daunting, we are really here to help you by arming you with as much information as possible, getting your answers in interviews structured and concise. We work with clients incredibly closely, making sure we 100% know what kind of person they are looking for so by attending the workshop you are getting to hear feedback from a direct source which will ultimately help you land your dream role!