​Mindshare needs little introduction as one of the world’s most successful media agencies, boasting clients such as Rolex, Unilever, Nike and M&S.

On Tuesday 16th June Aspire held Aspire Talks: ’Winning with Mindshare’ a fascinating presentation from Simon Lonsdale, Head of Media Planning and Jennifer Morris, Client Director, Media Planning on how to win their business.

They described the types of clients they work with, from clients with less than £1million turnover to over £50 million. Surprisingly, 70% of their client base are under £10million.

We learned that Mindshare has re-engineered its business to be more customer- focused. Their teams are structured in client ‘villages’ and categorised by the types of brands, for example, food. The enables Mindshare to meet each client’s specific needs and objectives while also drawing on specialist expertise.

So what do Mindshare advise anyone who wishes to work with them?

  1. It’s always a value exchange, it needs to work for us both.

  2. Get under our skin, know me, show passion for my client’s business and show an understanding of what Mindshare is all about.

  3. Work collaboratively; with us, our clients and even other publishers.

  4. Be the master of your own product

  5. Show us something we haven’t seen before.

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Finally, Mindshare shared their seven main focuses in 2015:

Programmatic – to really understand the landscape and the role it will play along with the opportunities it will present

Data – to identify ways to harness data in order to make their planning product more efficient and relevant

Performance – to understand and apply the basics of performance planning into their accounts

Content – all planning responses to consistently identify the role content will play

Innovation – to make sure all teams develop award worthy work by the end of the year

Collaboration – develop a tighter working relationship with specialists from across the agency

Media Planning Generalists – for all teams to be confident and competent when talking at a top line level about all channels and how the channels interact.


“It was a very helpful night, and a great insight into the agency process and dynamic. Mindshare feels much less like a minefield now.” Intu

“Simply, I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Best media event I’ve attended in memory. Thought provoking, inspiring and entertaining.” Digital Cinema Media

“Thanks for hosting, I thought it was fantastic evening and very well organised by you guys! Glad to have helped raise money for a great charity and learned a great deal in the process! I will be recommending these events to my colleagues and friends in media.” Think

“Thanks for last night, thought it was a really helpful and interesting session.” Weve

“I thought it was a great event, well organised and useful to attend.” From Eye Airports

“Really insightful event for my team. Thanks for the invite as it was well worth it and great that it raised money for charity too.” Koi