​Never before has it been so crucial to stand out as an employer of choice, for both attracting a high calibre of future employees and engaging your current staff.

Your employer brand should showcase why your company is a unique and brilliant place to work. This unique offering is known as the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

In order to portray your EVP externally, it has to first be embedded into your company’s culture. This is where employee engagement comes in, which is essentially a measure of how much your people actually care about their jobs and the company. The higher the employee engagement rate, the more motivated your employees are and the more likely they are to speak positively about the brand.

Here are some fantastic examples of how brands have successfully promoted themselves online, by creating attractive EVPs for future employees.


L’Oréal increased their levels of employee engagement, and in turn their EVP through social media. They did this by creating a sense of community in the business and then sharing this online with the world. They created a hashtag on Instagram (#LifeatLoreal) to get their employees talking online and sharing the great things about their workplace.

This gained a lot of exposure, so L’Oréal used this opportunity to create a second hashtag (#LorealCommunity) for employees to share interactions with colleagues both inside and outside of work. This gave potential future employees the chance to get a feeling of what it's like to work at L’Oréal. And the results speak for themselves – the hashtag campaigns resulted in an increase of 200,000 unique impressions on Instagram.


Dell is another company that has enjoyed the benefits of a strong employer brand. Dell has always been good at promoting their EVP through their careers website and social channels. However, they realised the importance of word of mouth, understanding that it is far more valuable for future employees to hear from Dell’s employees, rather from the company itself. They created content with employees, such as videos where staff were encouraged to talk freely about their experiences, and distributed these across all of their communications channels. As a result, Dell’s social media recruitment doubled, and the company has become recognised as a leading social brand.

Getting your employer brand right is key to the success of retaining and recruiting high quality employees.

Employers that successfully develop and promote their EVP will have a more engaged workforce, reduced turnover and access to a wider pool of talent, from which to recruit, so it’s worth getting it right!