At last there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train. 

The announcement that Pfizer have created a vaccine that is 90% effective from the Covid-19 virus is a huge boost to business confidence and gets us all thinking positively about making plans for the future. 

The Government is suggesting that a vaccine should be widely available in the spring and economists are predicting a V shape recovery, so the sooner you are prepared with the right talent on board, the better.

Naturally, it’s going to take some time before it’s available yet as industries begin to open up the race for the best talent will be on once again. The market is not candidate short. It is awash with talent including those candidates that would usually be hardest to get and most coveted. The challenge in a one click application market is having the time and process to manage and select the candidates. 

Those currently recruiting have an advantage but need to act. It won’t be long before, instead of having the pick of the bunch, the candidates you want to hire suddenly have more opportunities to consider. So, act now and take the rich pickings. 

The same logic applies to those looking at talent planning as their sector recovers, those that act earliest will be able to select the best talent and take advantage of the growth in demand.

Employers also need to take extra care to engage with their employees. Those you have retained may be grateful but will also know that they were retained because they are of value to you. If they are of value to you, they have a value to others. They haven’t been seeking a new opportunity but as those opportunities arise in greater numbers, and they become more valuable in the market, they may well choose to do so.