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Case study.

Who are Ebuzzing?

Ebuzzing is a global technology company specialized in distributing Video Ads through Outstream formats. Ebuzzing has a global publisher network of 26000 premium blogs, websites and Apps and has teams in 10 countries: France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, US, Mexico and Korea. The London office is Ebuzzing’s international hub, managing global campaigns.

How do you see your position in the market?

Since Ebuzzing’s merger with Teads the company has become a global leader in the video advertising market, with a strong hold on all the elements of the value chain between advertisers/agencies on one side, and publishers on the other.

What are your predictions for 2014 for the ever evolving digital industry?

2014 is the year of outstream and multiscreen campaigns. We expect to see advertisers moving towards innovative video formats which sit outside of the video stream, away from more traditional video advertising which mimicked TV ad models. We’ll also see more and more campaigns run across all channels, smartphones, desktops, tablets and TVs.

So back to Ebuzzing, how do you feel about recruiting, generally?

Recruiting the right candidates is incredibly tough. Even in a business that is growing as quickly and as successfully as Ebuzzing, a company still needs to sell itself to candidates. If you have the skills, the drive and ambition, working in digital media really has never offered so many opportunities.

What types of candidates do you typically require in the business?

All of the above! Candidates that are not afraid to work very hard, candidates that have a drive and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that a clients campaigns have stellar results.

Traditionally how did you recruit for these roles?

We have used a number of recruitment agencies, personal recommendations, and generally a mixture of channels.

What were the benefits and drawbacks of recruiting in this way?

On the positive you tend to get a broader sweep of the market and therefore….hopefully…….great candidates. However it is a bit more pot luck…. the agencies perhaps don’t know the exact candidate profile that we are looking for, and it is very time consuming.

Could you describe why you considered adopting a slightly different recruitment strategy?

Firstly time. We needed resources that could assist us in quite a large recruitment period, without impacting the day to day business. Secondly having someone really understands Ebuzzing enables us to get the correct profile of a person into the different roles that we have had on offer.

What was the solution that Aspire proposed to manage for you?

Aspire offered us a managed service, but at the same time, one that was open to a white list of additional recruitment companies. So PFJ placed one of their consultants in Ebuzzing for the three month recruiment period. This allowed us to keep the broad reach that we wanted in such a competitive market while freeing the management up to concentrate on the running of the business as opposed to a constant stream of interviews.

Why did you chose Aspire?

We chose Aspire because of their coverage in the market, their expertise and their size. We have been recruitment for more than just sales people, covering marketing, ad ops, designers, and publishing sales. It was important that the company we choose had an ability and understanding in all these field.

Could you talk through the outcome that arose as a result of running this managed solution?

In short we successfully managed to hire all positions we needed to fulfill in the time scale we needed to do it in. Ebuzzing’s UK office is now approaching a head count of 60 people, all with the skill and ambition that will drive Ebuzzing forward in 2014 and beyond.

If asked by other businesses, what would you say the short and long term benefits of adopting a similar outsourced solution would be?

Short term benefit is, of course, recruiting and hopefully retaining the right staff with the minimum level of resources. Longer term, as well as being costs effective, it also enables the recruiter (Aspire), to have a detailed knowledge of Ebuzzing, which only helps when selling to the best candidates in the market

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