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Case study.

The graduate recruitment industry is booming, with top companies continuously looking for energetic young minds to join their businesses. At Aspire, we work with businesses to help recruit top graduate talent and we offer different solutions to help tailor our service to a company’s graduate recruitment needs.

Here are several benefits to using Aspire for graduate recruitment:

Save time and money on internal resources

Choosing Aspire as a graduate recruitment partner saves clients time during the hiring process, as candidates are sourced and interviews are arranged and hosted by us. This model saves them money over the fixed cost of internal recruiters – especially if they don’t recruit graduates all year round.

Selecting high-quality candidates

At Aspire we have access to a huge pool of talent so we can cherry pick the best candidates that suit a business and a job role. It’s in our interest to place a candidate at the right company that we think they can go the distance in, helping them further their career and ensuring they are more likely to stay with the company in the long-term.

Hosting Interviews at our offices

We host group interviews at our London office, where clients can easily and efficiently select individuals they want to progress with, by seeing a small group of candidates performing tasks at the same time. Our hosted interviews usually consist of 6-10 candidates which have been specially selected to attend the session based on their suitability to the job role and company. This process saves clients time as they can focus on choosing the candidates that stand out while Aspire runs the session.

Using Aspire’s resources to help clients

We have access to different types of media (e.g. job boards, social media and our database) that we share with clients. Usually clients would have to pay to post ads, but we offer services that do it for them. We carry out this service for clients as part of our recruitment process, and we can even carry out display advertising campaigns for clients if this is something they are looking to do.

One of our clients, a management consultancy called Clarasys, said “The range of media that Aspire have access to and the way Aspire uses that, really helps Clarasys establish a strong presence in the graduate market.”

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